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Contact Us

Main office

7771 W. Oakland Park Blvd., Suite 210
Sunrise, FL 33351
Office: (954) 581-4438
Fax: (954) 320-7970
Email: info@upsidepm.com

Property Management:

Angie Espinoza
Florida Regional Manager Direct Line: 754-779-9296 Email: angie@upsidepm.com

Patty Fayadh
South Florida Assistant Property Manager
Direct Line: 754-573-2270 Email: patty@upsidepm.com

Jose Toscano
South Florida Maintenance & Renovations Manager
Direct Line: 754-252-5521 Email: jose@upsidepm.com

Shaun Walton
Property Manager for: Kingsbury & Post Apts. Jacksonville, Florida
Direct Line: 904-384-1472 Email: kingsbury.pm@gmail.com

Geanatta Cox
Property Manager for: Cedars Ridge & La Prima Apts. Jacksonville, Florida
Direct Line: 904-300-3761 Email: Cedarridge56@gmail.com

Tarsha Hagan
Property Manager for: Monroe Manor, Conant Apts. & Single Family Homes, Jacksonville Florida
Direct Line: 904-624-9322 Email: tarsha@upsidepm.com

Leasing Agents:

Lila Vinas - South Florida
Direct Line: 786-340-6636 Email: lila.metropolis@gmail.com


Smitha Philip
Accounting & Office Manager
Direct Line: 954-8839723 Email: smitha@upsidepm.com

Maria Del Carmen Piedra
Direct line: 954-573-2270 Email: maria@upsidepm.com

Contact Us